Storm Season Preparation

Storm Season Preparation

South East Queensland is no stranger to damaging storms, but there are some preparations you can complete leading up to storm season to better prepare your home. See our list of steps to prepare your home and yourselves for storm season this year.

General maintenance of your home and property:

1. Inspect the condition of your roof and make repairs where required. For example, damaged roof tiles, missing screws on gutter trim, and loose downpipes.
2. Ensure to empty your gutters as thoroughly as possible to allow water to flow away rather than backing up and penetrating your roof joins. Consider installing gutter guards if you live in a highly vegetated area.
3. Check items such as air-conditioning units, satellite dishes, antennas, awnings and fencing to ensure they are adequately secure/fixed.
4. Prepare your yard by trimming any tress and removing green waste such as fallen branches
5. Look for and secure any items in your yard that has the potential to blow away – such as bird feeders, BBQs, pot plants, and outdoor furniture. Even the classic Aussie backyard trampoline has the potential to become airborne.

In the event of a severe storm warning, you should:

• Turn off all electronics and remove plugs from wall socket. Also disconnect any telecommunication wires that may be plugged into your computers or modems.
• Turn off electricity and gas main supplies if instructed by emergency authorities;
• Secure outdoor furniture and other garden items;
• Use strong tape in criss-cross pattern, close windows and shutters, and draw curtains
• Park vehicles under cover, away from trees, powerlines and waterways
• Have your emergency kit and evacuation plan on hand; and identify the strongest structural room in the house. Line with mattresses if possible/required.
• Listen to your local radio for updates, and refer to websites such as for current warnings and radar updates

For more information on how to be prepared this storm season, and what to include in your emergency kits and evacuation plans, visit