Knock Down Vs. Vacant Blocks

Knock Down Vs. Vacant Blocks

Do you have the worst house in the best neighbourhood? Are you ready to advance to your next investment property? Or maybe you’ve just decided to take the leap to build your dream home! Congratulations on making this choice, but now the next question is – Where are you going to start your new journey?

Brisbane has no shortage of space as new communities grow every day in all corners of South East Queensland. There are so many things to consider when it comes to deciding on where you will build your dream home or next investment property. But  now how do you make the decision to either knockdown and rebuild or purchase a vacant lot?

We comprised a few important key factors to help break down the process of your decision:


Knock Downs:

  1. If you already in a location you love, you’ll get the benefit of being able to stay in the area all while living in a brand-new home!
  2. If you love a suburb or want to move closer to a certain spot, it can be easier to pick up an older home to demolish than to buy a vacant lot!
  3. Your demolition will be included into your Nuvo Homes contract, meaning you have less to worry about! You’ll be able to focus on the exciting aspects of building, while we prepare your site for your dream home! We even have outlined the easy steps it takes to complete your demolition – check out our website or call one of our sales representatives today!
  4. You could save on real estate fees and stamp duty!


Vacant Blocks:

  1. New communities with already established lots can sometimes get the right approvals and paperwork in check faster, meaning you’ll be in your new home sooner!
  2. Brisbane’s outer suburbs grow daily meaning there is no shortage of vacant blocks to choose from!
  3. If you pick a block in a growing community, the chances of your home’s value increasing could be higher than an older suburb!
  4. When building in a new estate, the covenants in place can assist in keeping your home at the value that it is worth!


Whether you choose to stay in your perfect location, or start a new life in a growing community, Nuvo Homes has a build to utilise you space.

Our wide range of designs cater to sloping blocks, small lots, and even high flood areas. You can also customise your own design to suit your exact budget, lifestyle and family needs. We encourage all our clients to tailor their new home from the smallest of inclusions like grout colour, to the most important of settings like positions of living spaces. Our team is here to make your dreams a reality at the best price, without compromising on quality. Nuvo Homes prides themselves on their friendly and helpful service which begins the moment you contact our office or sales team.

Whether you knock down and rebuild or purchase a vacant block of land, come down and speak to the Nuvo team to see how we can help you achieve your dream.