Hamptons Style Home Design

Hamptons Style Home Design

The Hamptons Style is characterised by combining coastal style and traditional features.   This timeless design is one of our most popular and our own favourite styles, and we have put together our top tips for designing your own Hamptons Style home!

Façade Design:
To achieve that classic Hamptons home, incorporate a gable style roof into your design.  Use lightweight cladding such as Newport on your external walls, and white timber frames around your windows and doors. Add features such as decorative porch posts, stone cladding, and colonial style windows to finish the look. While the right colour of colorbond roof will still give you a Hamptons look, roof tiles will truly capture the Hamptons style.

Cladding & Colours: 
Possibly one of the most important factors of the Hamptons style home, is the colour. Focus on the use of crisp whites, greys, and neutral paint colours. Use lightweight cladding, such as Newport cladding, for your external walls and lighter grey wall paint with white trims. For your internal walls, consider adding chair rails or wainscoting panels, and pair lighter colour wall paint with timber flooring. Add splashes of colour with furniture, rugs, and artwork that have plenty of greens, blues, and yellows.

Maximise the availability of natural light by including large French doors and windows in your home. Colonial style windows and fixed glass highlights and sidelights will capture that traditional Hamptons style as well as letting in natural light. For areas where large windows won’t suit, consider feature windows such as porthole windows. White is the best colour window framing to use for a Hamptons style home.

Cabinetry & Tapware: 
One way to add that wow factor to your Hamptons home, is shaker style cabinetry. With the use of the right paint colour and traditional styled door fittings, you can turn your kitchen into a classic, sophisticated, Hamptons style kitchen. Add traditional features such as a farmhouse sink, and ornate style tapware. Light coloured cabinetry with stone benchtops are recommended, with subway tile or pressed metal splashbacks. Mix it up by having a darker colour island bench, or even a colonial feature window in the centre of your cabinetry.

Stick with lighter coloured tiles (shades of white) and have subtle inclusions of soft blues, greys, and greens. Use traditional tile laying patterns such as subway tiles or herringbone and consider adding patterned tiles such as Herald or Majorca – ensuring to keep white as the primary colour. If you are wanting contrast, use darker floor tiles and white wall tiles and cabinetry.

White/lighter timber finishes suit the Hamptons style well, but a mix of darker and lighter coloured flooring can also achieve your desired look. While natural timber is preferred, there are engineered timber and vinyl plank flooring options that can still give you that Hamptons look.

Feature lighting is a pivotal part of a Hamptons style home – especially in the kitchen. Most commonly, pendant lights or chandeliers will be used as a feature above your kitchen cabinetry islands, in living rooms, dining rooms, and occasionally bathrooms/ensuites. Use lantern style pendant lights that incorporate glass, shiny chrome, or even black. If you’re feeling bold, consider a more industrial look, but stick with the use of chromes and glass.