Find your Dream Home

Demo & Rebuild


  • Do you have the worst house in the best neighbourhood?
  • Do you love the suburb where you live?
  • Are the kids settled in good schools?
  • Do you live close to friends and family?
  • Then why move? - With the high cost of land in new subdivisions and the ever-increasing costs of Stamp duty and Agents Commission, moving just may not be a smart move for you.
  • We can demolish your old house and build the home you have always wanted, with your colour schemes and a modern kitchen, master suite, bathrooms, and more.
  • Our friendly Design Consultants will guide you through this process to help you achieve your dream home.


  • Site visit with our Design Consultant
  • Checks done with relevant Council to determine if the existing home is in a Demolition Control or Character Code area
  • Appointment with Design Consultant to start the design process
  • Preliminary concept plans presented to you with estimate to build
  • Preliminary deposit paid to us for soil tests, site contours and full pre-assessment with certifiers done
  • Contract signed, plans lodged for certification
  • Old house demolished
  • Construction starts on your new home
  • Move in to your new home!